The celebration of 10th anniversary of Wanshsin

On 26th,Dec 2019, the celebration of 10th anniversary of Wanshsin was grandly held.

In last 10 years, Wanshsin has been developing at a high speed for 10 years, with an annual   growth rate of

nearly 30%.Especially WANSHSIN medium gearmotor,micro gear motor, planetary gearbox and The R,F,K,S

series sales grow rapidly.


In last several years, Wanshsin got many achievements. Such as:

2017, establishment Wanshsin Indian branch. 

2018,The establishment of a research and development center in Japan.

2019,New products (Harmonic reducer,Worm Gear Motor) achieved mass production.


For now,Wanshsin gear motor and gearbox sales area has covered most of countries in Europe,America and

Southeast Asia.Covering livestock  machinery,food machinery,garage,automatic vehicles,robots and other

automation industries.It has becomea famous transmission brand in China.

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