Wanshsin 2019 Annual Exchange Meeting for Husbandry Machinery Industry Technology was successfully held

On 25th, Dec. 2019, the day before the 126th anniversary of Chairman Mao ’s birthday, Wanshsin 2019 Annual Exchange Meeting of Husbandry Machinery Industry Technology was successfully held in Ningxiang Tongcheng Hot Spring Hotel!


We invited more than 400 peoples including the Secretary-General of the Livestock Industry Association, well-known professors and scholars, doctoral tutors, representatives of the livestock industry, marketing service providers and media representatives etc., provided a direct and effective technology exchange chance for each other.


Let's take another look at the grand occasion of the meeting: 

Openning Speech by Ms. Zhou 

Mr. Yinchengwen - the Executive Deputy Secretary-General of China Animal Husbandry Association, Mr. Xiong – the Sales General Manager from Wanshsin, Doctor. Gao Jian and Doctor. Luo Haifeng made wonderful speeches in sequence.

Wanshsin released 3 new products during the meeting: 3 intelligent IOT motors. 


                                                                                                                                           Group photo

While adhering to the successful experience of this exchange annual meeting, Wanshsin will increase the organization and publicity, widely invite and organize well-known enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the next exchange meeting, and more comprehensively demonstrate the new technology/products/equipment/production process for Wanshsin application in animal husbandry machinery and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between different enterprises.

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