Simple structure,  Small size and light weight

Large transmission ratio range

High transmission accuracy

Smooth movement, no impact, low noise

Backlash can be adjusted

Convenient realization of differential transmission

Product parameters

1、Oil seal4、Wave gasket7、Roller cross bearing
2、input flange

5、Flexible rolling bearing

8、Fix wheel

3、Flexible whee

6、O shape ring

9、Output flange

Product performance table



Flexible wheel: thin-walled cup-shaped metal elastomer component. A gear is engraved on the outer periphery of the opening. The bottom of the flexible wheel (cup-shaped bottom) is called the diaphragm section and is usually mounted on the output shaft.

Fix wheels: rigid ring-shaped parts. A gear is engraved on the inner circumference, which is 2 teeth more than the flexible wheel. It is usually fixed to the cabinet.

Wave generator: A part of a thin-walled ball bearing assembled on the outer periphery of an elliptical cam. The inner wheel of the bearing is fixed on the cam, and the outer wheel can be elastically deformed by balls. It is usually mounted on the input shaft.

Precautions for selection of reducer

1、According to the accuracy requirements, the output form and whether the output is flanged or synchronous wheel.

2、According to factors such as required torque magnification, inertia matching relationship, speed ratio relationship and other factors, to determine the reduction ratio of the reducer, deceleration also reduces the inertia of the load, and the reduction of inertia is the square of the reduction ratio.

3、Determine the size of the reducer according to the required output torque of the reducer; Motor input torque * reducer reduction ratio = reducer output torque = load torque; The load torque is less than the rated output torque of the reducer

4、 Check whether the output shaft diameter of the motor matches the input empty of the reducer Motor output shaft diameter = reducer maximum input aperture

5、Checking other indicators: such as maximum input speed, axial / radial load capacity, maximum motor weight, temperature range, IP rating

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